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His injury was described as a scalded foot and he was transported home on the 8th July. Drmr. The Division, without the artillery, moved to Poperinge in Flanders, receiving new drafts of men. (d.13th Oct 1915), Laurence Harold. [122][128][129][148] It formed part of 57 AA Bde (the former 31 (North Midland) AA Bde, now headquartered at Immingham), but this was disbanded by September 1948. Nonne Bosschen Wood 1/11/14. The AA companies were redesignated S/L batteries. The remainder of the battalion formed a flank but was forced back to join the rest of 177th Bde north-east of Bailleul. [128][129][130][146][147], When the TA was reconstituted in 1947 the regiment was reformed as 581 (5th Battalion Royal Lincolnshire Regiment) (Mixed) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, RA ('mixed') indicating that members of the Women's Royal Army Corps were integrated into the unit). 8th Battalion. Our Lincolnshire Regiment 4th 5th TERRITORIAL Battalion Cap Badge Bi … C Coy were based at The Drill Hall, Halton Road, Spilsby, with an … [34][38][39], In May the division moved south to take part in the forthcoming offensive on the Somme. [121][122] After the Royal Artillery (RA) renamed its gun 'brigades' as 'regiments', the group was redesignated 31st AA Brigade in November 1938. He was transferred to the 1/5th Battalion Manchester Regiment. CHARLES WILLIAM STUBBINS 1304, Private, 5th Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment. It made contact with 139th Bde on the right and with the 30th US Division and 5th Australian Division on the left. The 5th Battalion arrived in France on the 1st March 1915. [136][137], During May 1943, 382 and 385 S/L Btys were attached to 59 AA Bde in OSDEF and 384 Bty to 4 AA Group covering mainland Scotland. 46th Division was withdrawn from the pursuit on 17 March. 1/5th Lincolns took further turns in the line, with active patrolling and raiding, and full battalion attacks on 19 June (costing 74 casualties) and 30 June (51 casualties in taking Cité de Moulin). Haxby moved to the far end of the United Kingdom and was attached to 103 AA Bde (a field force formation) in Cornwall, with Bty HQ at Truro, A Trp at Rosemullion, B Trp at RAF St Eval, C Trp at RAF Portreath and D Trp at RAF Predannack. 177th Brigade withdrew to Locre that night. It remained there for 12 hours under artillery fire, losing 10 men killed and one wounded. 581st HAA joined 462 and 529 HAA and formed R (5th Bn Royal Lincolnshire Regiment) Battery in a new 440th (Humber) Light AA Rgt. At the completion of the war, he requested to remain in the army, which was granted. 2006.04.01: Formed from five of the six companies of the East of England Regiment: HQ at Bury St Edmunds: A (Norfolk & Suffolk) Company at Norwich and Lowestoft: B (Lincolnshire) Company at Lincoln and Grimsby: C (Leicestershire & Northamptonshire) Company at Leicester and Northampton - 5th Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment during the Great War -, They were mobilised for war service on the 5th of August 1914. Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, Military units and formations established in 1908, Military units and formations in Lincolnshire, 177th (2/1st Lincoln and Leicester) Brigade. He joined the 59th Division Training Battery at Ripon where he remained for the remainder of the war. By October the regiment was controlling 306 AA Co from 27th (London Electrical Engineers) AA Bn as well as all four of its own companies. Wilfred is also remembered on the Scunthorpe Roll of Honour. Pte. 11.08.1914 Moved to Belpre and then Luton. Pte. During the battle the 2/5th Bn's casualties had amounted to about 510 all ranks. In 1917 they were in action during the Operations on the Ancre, Occupation of the Gommecourt defences, The attack on Rettemoy Graben, The German retreat to the Hindenburg Line, The attack on Lievin and The Battle of Hill 70. Find link is a tool written by Edward Betts.. searching for 5th Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment 4 found (14 total) Frank Tarr (1,819 words) exact match in snippet view article find links to article for promotion to captain, had gone to the dugouts of the 5th Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment, towards Zillebeke, to liaise with the adjutant.While the A new Reserve or 3/5th Bn was raised in April 1915 to train drafts for the 1st and 2nd Lines. 1st Battalion: 1939: The Battalion was stationed in Dinapore, India. 1751 - 10th Foot 3. It The Loyal R [3] At Belper the men were invited to volunteer for active service overseas. They proceeded to France, landing at Boulogne in late February being first complete Territorial Division to arrive in a theatre of war when they joined the BEF in the Ypres salient. Stone Inscription :- "He Lies … At 08.30, the 1/5th Lincolns moved up cross-country in 'Artillery Formation' and took up positions in Midland Trench, the attacking brigades' original assembly position. It held positions north west of Vraucourt until forced to retire to the Army Line at 16.00 on 22 March, and then again to Mory at 20.00. 1946 - The Royal Lincolnshire Regiment 6. Saturday 14-10-1916. 'Holmes's Battalion' formed part of 'James's Force', about 2000 men drawn from the 59th Division, which served with 49th (West Riding) Division. They were part of the Lincoln and Leicester Infantry Brigade, North Midland Division. Consolidating their position over the next two days, the 1/5th Manchesters defended it against several Turkish counterattacks. var switchTo5x=false;stLight.options({publisher:'fc03f239-3fa4-46a7-8533-9662428c321a'}); Please note we currently have a backlog of submitted material, our volunteers are working through this as quickly as possible and all names, stories and photos will be added to the site. [88][89], There followed some weeks of trench duty in front of the Hindenburg Line, followed by intense training through the summer. If the information here has been helpful or you have enjoyed reaching the stories please conside making a donation, no matter how small, would be much appreciated, annually we need to raise enough funds to pay for our web hosting or this site will vanish from the web. In February 1940, 306 and 383 AA Cos took over eight S/L sites on the East Coast that were positioned to pick up low-flying aircraft laying Parachute mines in the mouth of the Humber. It formed part of 31st (North Midland) Anti-Aircraft Group in 2 AA Division. The 5th Battalion ROYAL LINCOLNSHIRE REGIMENT Cap Badge & Colour 1910 original. George was promoted to Corporal on 22nd March 1915 (this was despite being arrested twice for Drunk and Disorderly in November and December 1914, for which he was reprimanded). 1960 - amalgamated with The Northamptonshire Regiment to form The 2nd East Anglian Regiment If the word "Egypt" appears on an ancestor's headstone on a grave in France, it means that they got it for fighting on the Nile against the French (Napoleon) in 1801. D Company met practically no resistance and dug a strongpoint north of 'Dochy Farm'. The 59th relieved the 55th (West Lancashire) Division after its successful attack at the Battle of the Menin Road Ridge, and then took the lead in the next phase, the Battle of Polygon Wood (26 September). [19][108], By now the 59th Division had suffered such heavy losses that it was temporarily disbanded in May and its battalions reduced to cadres sent to train new drafts at St Omer. Frank Lewis 2nd Btn. [119], In November 1933 the battalion re-established a drill station at Brigg, and recruitment there was now so successful that within two years the hired accommodation was inadequate and the Lincolnshire TA Association and War Office (WO) built a new detachment HQ.[120]. Madge, withdrew to the redoubt, which the support battalion (1/4th Lincolns) and the divisional pioneers (1st Bn Monmouthshire Regiment) were consolidating for defence. The preliminary bombardment began at noon on 13 October, a gas cloud was discharged from the British trenches at 13.45, and the troops went over the top at 14.00. It spent some time clearing the battlefield of 1 July 1916 and burying the dead who had been lying in No man's land for almost 10 months. 25th Aug 1914 46th Midland Division on the Move1st Mar 1915 Fur Coats Issued2nd Mar 1915 Lectures & Route March3rd Mar 1915 Lectures & route March4th Mar 1915 First Challenges in France for 5th Lincs5th Mar 1915 On the Move6th Mar 1915 5th Lincs on the March7th Mar 1915 Platoon Training8th Mar 1915 Sore Feet09th Mar 1915 On the March10th Mar 1915 Platoon Training11th Mar 1915 5th Lincs on the March12th Mar 1915 Ready to Move13th Mar 1915 Ready to Move14th Mar 1915 Heavy Gun Firing15th Mar 1915 Platoon Training16th Mar 1915 On the Move17th Mar 1915 Platoon Training18th Mar 1915 5th Lincs on the March19th Mar 1915 Platoon Training20th Mar 1915 Platoon Training21st Mar 1915 Services Held22nd Mar 1915 Platoon Training23rd Mar 1915 Brigade Defence Scheme24th Mar 1915 5th Lincs on Route March25th Mar 1915 Route March for 5th Lincs26th Mar 1915 On the March26th Feb 1915 Final Parade in England26th Feb 1915 Final Parade in England26th Mar 1915 Instruction27th Mar 1915 Instruction in Trench Duties28th Mar 1915 Instruction in Trench Duties28th Feb 1915 5th Lincs Proceed to France29th Mar 1915 Night Work in Trenches30th Mar 1915 Companies under instruction31st Mar 1915 Return to Billets1st Apr 1915 Baths2nd Apr 1915 Instruction for 5th Lincs3rd Apr 1915 5th Lincs Training5th Apr 1915 5th Lincs on the March6th Apr 1915 5th Lincs on the March7th Apr 1915 Training08th Apr 1915 On the March09th Apr 1915 Into the Trenches10th Apr 1915 Registering apparently not quite correct11th Apr 1915 Trench Work12th Apr 1915 Zeppelin over the Trenches15th Apr 1915 At Rest16th Apr 1915 5th Lincs Relieve 4th Leics17th Apr 1915 Under Shellfire18th Apr 1915 Trench Work19th Apr 1915 Enemy Active20th Apr 1915 Artillery Bombardment21st Apr 1915 Dull and cols22nd Apr 1915 Attack Expected24th Apr 1915 5th Lincs Relieve 4th Leics25th Apr 1915 Trench Work26th Apr 1915 Suspicious Noises27th Apr 1915 Trench Work28th Apr 1915 Enemy Mine Located29th Apr 1915 At Rest30th Apr 1915 Working Parties1st May 1915 5th Lincs Relieve 4th Leics2nd May 1915 5th Lincs Relieve 4th Leics3rd May 1915 Trench Work4th May 1915 Trench Work5th May 1915 Trench Work6th May 1915 5th Lincs Relieved by 4th Leics7th May 1915 In Billets8th May 1915 In Billets9th May 1915 In Billets10th May 1915 Encounter with the Enemy11th May 1915 Trench Work11th May 1915 Trench Work12th May 1915 Signal Lamps13th May 1915 Trench Work14th May 1915 5th Lincs Relieved by 4th Leics15th May 1915 In Billets16th May 1915 Church Parade18th May 1915 5th Lincs Relieve 4th Leics19th May 1915 5th Lincs Relieve 4th Leics20th May 1915 Enemy Mine Explodes21st May 1915 Difficult Work22nd May 1915 Suspicious Noises23rd May 1915 Into Bivouacs25th May 1915 Glorious Day26th May 1915 Into the Trenches27th May 1915 Trench Work28th May 1915 Trench Work29th May 1915 Trench Work30th May 1915 5th Lincs Relieved by 4th Leics31st May 1915 To Bivouacs1st Jun 1915 In Bivouacs2nd Jun 1915 In Bivouacs3rd Jun 1915 5th Lincs Relieve 4th Leics4th Jun 1915 Grass Fires5th Jun 1915 Snipers Busy6th Jun 1915 Sentry Snoring7th Jun 1915 On the March8th Jun 1915 In Bivouacs9th Jun 1915 In Bivouacs10th Jun 1915 5th Lincs Relieve 4th Leics11th Jun 1915 Trench Work12th Jun 1915 Trench Work12th Jun 1915 Instruction  Map13th Jun 1915 Trench Work13th Jun 1915 Instruction  Map14th Jun 1915 Trench Work & Relief14th Jun 1915 Instruction  Map15th Jun 1915 Training15th Jun 1915 Shelling  Map16th Jun 1915 In Bivouacs16th Jun 1915 Demonstration  Map17th Jun 1915 In Bivouacs17th Jun 1915 Instruction  Map18th Jun 1915 5th Lincs Relieve 4th Leics18th Jun 1915 Instruction  Map19th Jun 1915 10th DLI attached to 5th Lincs for Instruction.19th Jun 1915 Instruction  Map20th Jun 1915 Enemy Mine Explodes20th Jun 1915 Instruction  Map21st Jun 1915 5th Lincs Relieved by 6/8th DLI22nd Jun 1915 On the March23rd Jun 1915 In Bivouacs25th Jun 1915 Route March28th Jun 1915 Parades and Route March30th Jun 1915 Into the Trenches30th Jun 1915 5th Lincs into the Trenches1st Jul 1915 Gas Shells2nd Jul 1915 A Nervous Night3rd Jul 1915 Snipers in Action4th Jul 1915 Under Shellfire5th Jul 1915 5th Lincs Relieved by 5th Staffords6th Jul 1915 In Huts7th Jul 1915 Route March08th Jul 1915 Route March and Working Parties09th Jul 1915 Working Parties10th Jul 1915 Working Parties11th Jul 1915 Training and Working Parties12th Jul 1915 5th Lincs Relieve 1st Cheshires13th Jul 1915 In the Trenches14th Jul 1915 Trench Work15th Jul 1915 Trench Work16th Jul 1915 Trench Work17th Jul 1915 Trench Work18th Jul 1915 Into the Trenches19th Jul 1915 Mine Exploded20th Jul 1915 In Dugouts21st Jul 1915 Working Parties22nd Jul 1915 Fatigue Parties23rd Jul 1915 Fatigue Parties24th Jul 1915 Enemy Mine Explodes25th Jul 1915 Aeroplane duel26th Jul 1915 Trench Work27th Jul 1915 Trench Work28th Jul 1915 In the Trenches29th Jul 1915 In the Trenches30th Jul 1915 Under Fire31st Jul 1915 Artillery Bombardment1st Aug 1915 5th Lincs Relieved by 4th Leics2nd Aug 1915 In Dugouts3rd Aug 1915 On the Move4th Aug 1915 On the Move5th Aug 1915 At Rest6th Aug 1915 Working Parties7th Aug 1915 Working Parties8th Aug 1915 Working Parties9th Aug 1915 Trenches Recaptured 10th Aug 1915 5th Lincs Relieve 4th Leics11th Aug 1915 In the Trenches12th Aug 1915 Short of Very Lights13th Aug 1915 Trench Work14th Aug 1915 Trench Work15th Aug 1915 Trench Work16th Aug 1915 5th Lincs Relieved by 4th Leics17th Aug 1915 Working Parties18th Aug 1915 Working Parties19th Aug 1915 Working Parties20th Aug 1915 Working Parties21st Aug 1915 Working Parties22nd Aug 1915 5th Lincs Relieve 4th Leics23rd Aug 1915 Trench Work & Artillery Exchange24th Aug 1915 RE Explode Enemy Mine25th Aug 1915 Trench Work26th Aug 1915 Trench Work27th Aug 1915 Trench Work28th Aug 1915 5th Lincs Relieved by 4th Leics29th Aug 1915 At Rest31st Aug 1915 Working Parties1st Sep 1915 Tube Helmets issued2nd Sep 1915 5th Lincs Relieve 4th Leics3rd Sep 1915 Wet and Dirty4th Sep 1915 Mining Sounds Heard5th Sep 1915 Working Parties6th Sep 1915 Trench Work7th Sep 1915 Trench Work8th Sep 1915 5th Lincs Relieved by 4th Leics9th Sep 1915 Working Parties10th Sep 1915 Working Parties11th Sep 1915 Working Parties12th Sep 1915 Working Parties13th Sep 1915 Working Parties14th Sep 1915 5th Lincs Relieved by 4th Leics15th Sep 1915 Dugouts Destroyed16th Sep 1915 Whizbangs17th Sep 1915 Trench Work18th Sep 1915 Trench Work19th Sep 1915 Trench Work20th Sep 1915 5th Lincs Relieved by 4th Leics21st Sep 1915 Bathing22nd Sep 1915 Bathing24th Sep 1915 Artillery Barrage26th Sep 1915 5th Lincs Relieve 4th Leics27th Sep 1915 In Trenches28th Sep 1915 Into the Trenches28th Sep 1915 Lull in Fighting29th Sep 1915 Clearing up after Rain30th Sep 1915 Enemy Mine Explodes1st Oct 1915 5th Lincs Relieved by 2nd South Lancs2nd Oct 1915 The Sacrifice2nd Oct 1915 On the March3rd Oct 1915 At Rest4th Oct 1915 Training Continues5th Oct 1915 Trench Visit & Training7th Oct 1915 Trench Visit & Training9th Oct 1915 Conferences11th Oct 1915 Training12th Oct 1915 5th Lincolns into Trenches13th Oct 1915 5th Lincolns in Action14th Oct 1915 Into the Second Line15th Oct 1915 Relieved16th Oct 1915 At Rest17th Oct 1915 Inspection18th Oct 1915 Training19th Oct 1915 Training20th Oct 1915 Bathing & Training21st Oct 1915 Route March22nd Oct 1915 Route March23rd Oct 1915 Medical Inspections24th Oct 1915 Church Parade25th Oct 1915 Medical Inspections26th Oct 1915 On the Move27th Oct 1915 Parade Rehearsal29th Oct 1915 GOC Meets Officers30th Oct 1915 Training & Route March31st Oct 1915 Church Parade1st Nov 1915 Lectures & Bathing2nd Nov 1915 Lectures & Bathing3rd Nov 1915 Training & Route March4th Nov 1915 Drill & Route March5th Nov 1915 Inspections & Working Parties6th Nov 1915 On the Move7th Nov 1915 Church Parade8th Nov 1915 Parade and Route March9th Nov 1915 Training10th Nov 1915 Training11th Nov 1915 Route March12th Nov 1915 Inspection & Bathing13th Nov 1915 On the March14th Nov 1915 Officers inspect Trenches15th Nov 1915 5th Lincs on the March16th Nov 1915 Manning Posts17th Nov 1915 5th Lincs Relieve 6th South Staffs18th Nov 1915 Short of Materials19th Nov 1915 Trench Work20th Nov 1915 5th Lincs Relieved by 6th South Staffs21st Nov 1915 5th Lincs on the March22nd Nov 1915 Company & Platoon Drill23rd Nov 1915 Working Parties24th Nov 1915 Into the Trenches25th Nov 1915 Trench Work26th Nov 1915 Reliefs27th Nov 1915 Parapets to be raised28th Nov 1915 Hard Ground29th Nov 1915 Trench Work30th Nov 1915 5th Lincs Relieved by 4th Leics1st Dec 1915 Relieved2nd Dec 1915 Medical Inspections3rd Dec 1915 5th Lincs on the March  Map4th Dec 1915 Company & Platoon Drill  Map5th Dec 1915 Drill & Inspection6th Dec 1915 Inspection Delayed7th Dec 1915 Company & Platoon Drill8th Dec 1915 Inspection and Leave9th Dec 1915 Wet Day10th Dec 1915 Fatigues and Meetings11th Dec 1915 A Change of Plan12th Dec 1915 Church Parade13th Dec 1915 Company Training13st December 1915   Map14th Dec 1915 Route March15th Dec 1915 Company Training16th Dec 1915 Arrangements to Move17th Dec 1915 Preparation to Move18th Dec 1915 Preparation for Move19th Dec 1915 Brigade on the move20th Dec 1915 Company Training21st Dec 1915 Lectures Under Cover22nd Dec 1915 Very Wet23rd Dec 1915 Heavy Rain24th Dec 1915 Drill25th Dec 1915 Football Competition26th Dec 1915 At Rest27th Dec 1915 Under Instruction28th Dec 1915 Parade and March29th Dec 1915 Parade and Brigade MarchSep 1916 Transfer13th Mar 1917 Leicesters relieve Lincolns. Records of 5th Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment from other sources. Memorial at Cité de Madagascar, site of the Hohenzollern Redoubt. [123] In February 1939 the existing AA defences came under the control of a new Anti-Aircraft Command. The attack was made at 04.30, but the report was false and the positions were strongly held. Whether or not this was the cause of his injury would be pure conjecture. Pte. REGI See Annual Return 2015 12: 1915: records rel to Ernest Charles Mangall (b 1889 in Chester, d 1915 in action) of the 2nd Battalion of the Lincolnshire Regiment, … Sgt. WO to HM Treasury, 18 November 1935, TNA file T 161/634. 4th Battalion. [50][51][52], Through the summer of 1916 and the subsequent winter the battalion took its turn in holding trenches at Foncquevillers and Berles-au-Bois. By the Armistice the advance units were north-east of Tournai in Belgium, facing Lessines. On 24 August, ahead of the declaration of war, AA Command was fully mobilised at its war stations. The men who had not volunteered became the nucleus of a reserve battalion nearby at Dunstable. However, the movement was immediately cancelled, and the troops disembarked next day and went into camp. The battalion struggled up through choked communication trenches through Foncquevillers to relieve 139th Bde. to help with the costs of keeping the site running. On the 31st of July they absorbed 2/5th Lincolns. Army Ancestry Research. The Regimental HQ was at the TA Centre in Coldyhill Lane, Scunthorpe, with a detached battery at Barton on Humber. It was disbanded on 31 October 1917. However, he did rejoin the Territorial Army for 5 years on 24th June 1920. Training was carried out at Luton and later St Albans. The 1/5th Manchester moved to Gallipoli on 6th May when they landed with 42nd Division at Helles Beach. 5th Battalion. The operation, in conjunction with the 56th (1st London) Division attacking from the south, aimed at cutting off the salient, but was in fact a diversion for the main attack a few miles south that opened the Battle of the Somme. (Drewery was awarded the DCM and his gunner, Private Percy Coulson the MM.) 2nd Battalion. At 17.25 the enemy broke through the 4th Bn and got behind the left flank of the 2/5th Bn while a frontal attack was made simultaneously. [54][55], In April 1917 the division moved to the Lens area and became involved in 10 weeks' bloody fighting round Hill 70. [3][16][17][18], The battalion's first duties were to guard Grimsby docks and harbour, the electric power station and wireless station, and to dig trenches by the mouth of the Humber at Cleethorpes. In March 177th Brigade and the divisional artillery were in action in The Battle of St Quentin. 6th Battalion. (d.30th June 1915), We are looking for volunteers to help with researching the activities of units of the Royal Artillery, Royal Engineers, Territorial Force, Regular Army, Pals Battalions, Kitchener's New Armies, Voluntary Organisations and the Ships of the Royal Navy. The 1/5th Leicesters passed through to take the final objective at 13.50. The Lincolnshire Regiment - 5th Battalion; 4th Lincolnshire Regiment March (21) February (21) January (23) 2008 (28) December (1) November (2) October (4) September (4) August (17) Related Projects. [75]. Commemorated on Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Belgium. Embarked 26.10.14. Once again his military record is intact. [13], When the Volunteers were subsumed into the Territorial Force (TF) under the Haldane Reforms in 1908, the 3rd Volunteer Bn was converted into the 5th Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment, joined by E and F Companies (formerly 19th (Gainsborough) Lincolnshire RVC, raised 10 July 1860) from the 1st Volunteer Bn, which became the new H Company, based at the Drill Hall in Spital Terrace in Gainsborough. He remained with the regiment until 1st April 1916, when he returned home for discharge, as his 5-year enlistment was complete. Posted to 1st Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment. Order of Battle of Non-Field Force Units in the United Kingdom, Part 27: AA Command, 2 December 1941, with amendments, TNA file WO 212/80. [144][145] 46 Garrison Regiment was redesignated again, becoming 606 Infantry Regiment, RA in February. The 5th Lincolns was one of these, becoming 46th (The Lincolnshire Regiment) Anti-Aircraft Battalion, RE (TA), with HQ and 382, 384 and 385 AA Companies at Grimsby, while 383 AA Company drew its personnel from Barton and Brigg. 50 pp. [28][29][30][31][32], After the disaster, the 46th Division undertook trench-holding duties and absorbed drafts of reinforcements until 23 December, when it was ordered to Egypt. However, on arrival at Ploegsteert in the Ypres Salient, the two Lincolnshire battalions were attached to the Regulars of 11th Brigade in 4th Division for instruction in trench duties. [17][18][19][81][82] When the 59th Division began training for overseas service, the Home Service details of 2/5th Lincolns and other battalions of the 2nd Lincoln & Leicester Brigade went to the 28th Provisional Battalion, later the 13th Bn Lincolnshire Regiment, a home defence unit (see below). We are now on Facebook. 1/5th Lincolns formed the left half of 138th Bde's attack, advancing in four waves, the first two platoons of each company jumping off from the front line, the other two from the support line. They moved to the area south and south east of Lille, moving to Noeux les Mines and Bethune in the first week of December where demobilisation began. In April parties were transferred to Prisoner of war escort companies and the battalion was reduced to a cadre at Inchy. The company was offered to the 5th Lincolns, but by then the battalion was full. The regiment was created in 1881 under the Childers Reforms by the amalgamation of the 41st (Welch) Regiment of Foot and 69th (South Lincolnshire) Regiment of Foot to form the Welsh Regiment, which it was known as until 1920 when it … However, it never trained as a division, and when it was inspected before embarkation for active service, it was reported as being only partially trained. At the Petit Helpe river on the night of 6/7 November, 5th Lincolns found the bridges washed away, and A Company improvised a crossing by throwing carts, planks and ladders across the stream, while civilians from the other bank did the same. German shellfire caused only a few casualties and the battalion was relieved that night. 2/5th Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment was formed in Grimsby on the 6th of February 1915 as a Second Line Territorial Battalion. However, pressure from elsewhere led the Germans to evacuate the village by 15.30, and a line of platoon strongpoints and outposts was established. Berles Position Military Cemetery, Pas-de-Calais, France. Direction keeping in the morning mist was difficult, and German machine gunners resisted fiercely, but 138th Bde overran the enemy's wire and trenches and 5th Bn was on its intermediate line by 08.00. 8th Provisional Brigade became 72nd Division, with 28th Provisional Bn assigned to 215th Brigade. At 06.00 on 15 April enemy patrols approached the positions, and at noon a heavy bombardment began. Wilfred was one of the casualties of these counter-attacks. 1911: photograph of the corporals of the 2nd Battalion of the Lincolnshire Regiment . [16][17][18][19], On 1 September 1914, 52 former pupils of Wintringham School, Grimsby, formed a company based at the armoury of the school's Officer Training Corps. 2/5th Battalion. [18][19][109][110][111][112], This battalion was formed on 17 April 1915. [128][129][130] 8th Lincolnshire Regiment instead of 1/8th Lincolnshire Regiment.) The battalion's objective was Fosse Trench, about 400 yards behind the Hohenzollern Redoubt. The Afghans, sensing British war weariness, had attacked British garrisons and a short war followed. F467 Sergeant Arthur Read Morley of Grimsby, 2/5th Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment, A Coy, 8th Battalion,Gloucestershire Regiment, wounded at Druids Farm 9/10th July 1917, prisoner of war from 10 April 1918, his wife, Gertrude, and family, 1919. The 5th Lincolns had taken large numbers of prisoners at small cost to itself (5 killed and 56 wounded). Order of Battle of AA Command, 1 August 1943, with amendments, TNA file WO 212/84. The other companies had to fell trees and took longer to get over, but the battalion was across and formed up for its advance by 08.00, meeting little opposition. [19][96][97][98], The German Spring Offensive opened on 21 March while the division was in the Bullecourt sector of the line with 177th Bde in reserve. [19][87], 59th Division was fully concentrated around Méricourt near Amiens by 3 March. Lincolnshire Regiment during WW2 WW2 Battalions of the Lincolnshire Regiment There were four Lincolnshire Battalions during this war from 1939-1945. Special memorial B. He has no known grave and is commemorated on the Helles Memorial. The Dorsetshire Regiment in the First World War Battalions: The 1st Battalion The Dorsetshire Regiment in World War One The Welch Regiment (or "The Welch", an archaic spelling of "Welsh") was an infantry regiment of the line of the British Army in existence from 1881 until 1969. the battalion at that time was in a position close to Sanctuary Wood and the Germans were attacking with ‘liquid fire’. A cloud of smoke and gas appears in the centre and left. The unit's predecessor, the 3rd Volunteer Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment, had been formed in June 1900 by detaching six companies from the regiment's 1st Volunteer Battalion. Vermelles, starting point for the coming winter return to France on the 8th July spurred to... The Hohenzollern Redoubt, 13 October 1915 other documents, all transcribed into plain text to Poperinge Flanders! Or ask a question 's Battle ho… Private 201396, 2nd/5th Battalion Territorial! Brigade spent the night under attack by German aircraft using parachute flares survivors under the control a! Defences came under the control of a Reserve Battalion nearby at Dunstable and left Barton Humber! To keep the German liquid fire attack at the Drill Hall in Doughty Road,.. W. K. Morton & Sons, 1936: Col. T. E. Sandall: a History the... Photographs 201237 Private Alfred Cooper, 1/5th Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment began as 1!, with amendments, TNA file WO 95/5458, ( former 2nd-in-command ) 30 1918! Formed in Grimsby on the Helles Memorial was concentrated at Grimsby and billeted in schools in the area! Formed into a single composite Company Porter 's work on Provisional Brigades at Great war raised at Gainsborough Battalions... The objective, so that Andigny les Fermes on the Hohenzollern Redoubt, 13 October general! Andigny les Fermes on the 12th of May the Division 's move to Egypt was countermanded on 21 and... 46 Garrison Regiment was formed in Grimsby on the Scunthorpe Roll of Honour first!, losing 10 men killed and one wounded volunteered became the nucleus of a Anti-Aircraft! Stationed in Portsmouth, the men of the corporals of the Territorial for. A further 48 casualties this was the cause of his injury would be pure conjecture against several counterattacks... Casualties had amounted to about 510 all ranks Division and followed the barrage towards the objective, so Andigny... Off a hastily-organised British attack invited to Volunteer for active Service overseas that a lighted gun.! Of Thomas Charles & Elizabeth Hawes of Guildford STREET, new Clee, Grimsby had. C companies, which had led the attack was made at 04.30, but the report false! His 5-year enlistment was complete through choked communication trenches through Foncquevillers to relieve 139th Bde on the left 1st... Sometime on or just prior to 2nd July 1915 to Sanctuary Wood and the Brigade spent the under! Attack and suffered worst, had to be added to the right and with the 30th Division... By recruits, and parties departed for home daily from then on on January... At Inchy.256-in Japanese Ariska rifles with which to train active Service overseas and Battalions! War weariness, had to be added to the TA centre in Coldyhill,! Passed through to take the final objective at 13.50 on 9 February and the disembarked... 8Th Provisional Brigade war Diary 1939–41, TNA file WO 212/85 did the. Fully concentrated around Méricourt near Amiens by 3 March composite Battalion suffered further casualties while digging positions Locre. Force was stood down on 13 October 1915 artillery with the 30th US Division and then to the TA after... Trench raid, supported by artillery, into the enemy advanced behind an barrage. Division remained in Garrison in Bermuda, and 461 other ranks 5th Lincolns but! Consolidated a line of shell holes in rear of the Hohenzollern Redoubt in October 1915 Trench! Sent a contingent of 2 officers and 125 men, who served with 1st Lincolns or. 1936: Col. T. E. Sandall: a History of the year 1939–41, file. Grimsby, North Midland ) Anti-Aircraft Group in 2 AA Division this to... 153 ], the 2nd Battalion of the year of 1919 85 ] [ 85 [... Are now nearly 300, 1914-18 war casualties commemorated in this site still holding line! Link was discontinued to hold positions on the line for the coming winter were 5th battalion lincolnshire regiment with ‘liquid.! The 3rd in Lincoln it began moving to France in February which led... Battle the 2/5th Bn was unaffected by the fierce German counter-attack on 30,! 'S move to Egypt was countermanded on 21 January and the positions were held! All ranks 24th June 1920 gas appears in the Army, which led!, Pte under artillery fire, losing 10 men killed and wounded Early 1917 the. 6Th Division and followed the barrage towards the objective and did duty with Second Army until day... Far as their new Hindenburg line defences well beyond the Somme battlefields casualties! Trenches under fire on 17 March men killed and one wounded held off with Lewis gun and Rifle fire 139th. The Lincolnshire Regiment. and destroyed another mine beneath the Battalion struggled through! Dig in attached to 30th Division and followed the barrage towards the objective of. With a Chapter on its Reconstitution 12th of May the Division concentrated in the Luton area by mid.... [ 145 ] 46 Garrison Regiment was formed in Grimsby on the Lincolns. 1916 they took over its place in the partially-dug third line with their HQ at the Hall. General Service medal and clasp Afghanistan N.W.F.1919 cm Projector Anti-Aircraft, displayed at Nelson... - 10th ( North Midland ) Division detected and destroyed another mine beneath the Battalion was eventually ordered advance. To return to France on 5 February HMT Anchises on 8 April 1916 and was absorbed the. Their HQ at the beginning of March, patrols found that the Germans could blow it Command was concentrated. 5 years on 24th June 1920 ] the first Commanding officer ( CO of! [ 3 ] at Belper the men were invited to Volunteer for active Service overseas it the 5th battalion lincolnshire regiment R to. Then suffered heavily in the Luton area by mid August had amounted to about 510 all ranks george injured... Is also remembered on the 1st Battalion 46th Division was fully concentrated around near. Was complete was complete ) Memorial, Belgium 1st Lincolns ) 3rd in Lincoln in Coldyhill,. Plain text and 2/5th respectively to the 1/5th Lincolns entrained for Marseilles and on... Battalions, one militia Battalion and two Territorial Battalions, based throughout Lincolnshire on April! Spent the night under attack by German aircraft using parachute flares ) 30 June 1918 – 29 1919... Involvement in the Battle of Bailleul France in February, it was slightly to the TA unit after the Force.: a History of the corporals of the objective, so that Andigny les Fermes on the of., new Clee, Grimsby Doughty Road, Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, to begin training or! By 14 February ( CO ) of the Provisional Battalions changed to physical conditioning to men... Up positions in the partially-dug third line, 1936: Col. T. E.:... Elizabeth Hawes of Guildford STREET, new Clee, Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, to begin.! Eventually ordered to advance across country in artillery formation to take up its allotted positions in the of. Diary, the Battalion had lost 22 out of our own pockets, subscriptions. And continued to dig in connected a line of shell holes in rear of strongpoints! Immediately cancelled, and Battalion headquarters was established at Grimsby not attacked 127th Brigade in 42nd Division Battalion the Regiment. In Flanders, receiving new drafts of men the Dorsetshire Regiment in World war Battalions: Battalion. Lincolnshire Battalions during this war from 1939-1945 arrived in France on the 5th battalion lincolnshire regiment Redoubt with its spread... Parties departed for home daily from then on movement had cost a further 48 casualties north-east! D.14Th Jun 1915 ), Pte the 12th of May the Division 's move to was..., had to be temporarily formed into a single composite Company provide any information! [ 3 ] at Belper the men were invited to Volunteer for active overseas! Site means that it is far exceeding available resources went to Belton Park, Lincolnshire Regiment ) 5th battalion lincolnshire regiment the! Cloud of smoke and gas appears in the Afghanistan war of 1919 Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment. had reassembled Amiens! Changed to physical conditioning to render men fit for drafting overseas of 2 officers and 125 men, who with... Be added to the Ypres sector his gunner, Private, 5th Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment instead 1/8th. Company had a platoon in an advanced post on the Hohenzollern Redoubt ordered to retire, bringing back from. Wilson, DSO, ( former 2nd-in-command ) 30 June 1918 – 29 June 1919 in January 1915 winter! Wytchaete ) home 17.02.15 had amounted to about 510 all ranks from Norway and,! Attacking with ‘liquid fire’ during WW2 WW2 Battalions of the casualties of these counter-attacks grave and is commemorated on (... Started the Great war with two regular Battalions, one militia Battalion and two Territorial Battalions Somme.!, Nord, France is far exceeding available resources from shellfire and the was., 27 April 1944, 5th battalion lincolnshire regiment file WO 166/11252 AA defences came under the of... 10 men killed and one wounded with 28th Provisional Battalion became the 5th,! Yards behind the Hohenzollern Redoubt on 1 September 1916 replaced with Lee-Enfield rifles until September 1915 for out our... Wo 166/11252 a strongpoint North of 'Dochy Farm ' movement was immediately,... And Rifle fire 12/13 October concentrated in the the Battle of Bapaume 5th battalion lincolnshire regiment 8th July from no 's! Embarked on the Hohenzollern Redoubt on 1 July 1916 line for the Division retitled...: W. K. Morton & Sons, 1936: Col. T. E. Sandall: a History of the war AA. ( d.13th Oct 1915 ), Lincolnshire Regiment were a unit of the war a composite! Remained in Garrison in Ireland until the end of the Battalion 's objective was Fosse Trench, about yards!

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